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Biker Patch for moto family 30cm

Product features:

Huge embroidery badges for biker club, this design is 30cm. We can make this type of badges at lower MOQ such as 20pcs.

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Product Details

Huge embroidery badges for biker club, this design is 30cm.  

Biker skull patches are widely used as a sign of a biker club. Can be custom designed and manufactured. MOQ is 20pcs but with a higher price which is also related to your design and size. 

We offer a few option for the backing, iron on blue, verlcro(both hook and loop will be supplied),or normal backing with non-woven fabric. Different option will be with different price. 

We can also supply you with printed patches with merrowed boarder and woven badges with high density. 

option for patches.jpg

Instructions for How to iron on 

1, Set dry iron on 280℉(140℃) 

2,Place your patch(iron on pocket) on the fabric* 

3,Cover patch(iron on pocket) with lightweight cloth 

4, With firm pressure, iron the patch(iron on pocket) for 30 seconds 

5, Turn fabric over and iron on the back for another 20 seconds 

6 Enjoy your very own creation 

*works on cotton blended fabric

                         30.5x28.5cm                                                    30cm

                         30x17cm                                                             36x26cm

                         37.5x29cm                                                           31x15cm

                      24.5x16cm                                                          25.5x25cm


                      25x11cm                                                            25x20cm


Q, How can I get a quotation without endless conmunication?

A:Fill the following form and email it with your artwork(AI, PFD, JPEG) to henrik_kdl (at) hotmail.com, we will reply to you in less than 1 hour.
                   Dimension: _______(long) x _______(wide)
                   Quantity of your order: _________________pcs
                   Your expected lead time?   __________________
                   Location to Ship to: _______________ (Country with postal code please) 
                    Backing option , Iron on glue? adhesive glue? hook and loop? Non woven fabric?
Q: What is the minimium order ? 
A: Normally 20pcs, Even with 30cm x 30cm.For less than 20pcs, we can do that too.
Q:What is the lead time for sample and bulk order (10000pcs)
A: For sample, less than 3days. For bulk order (10000pcs), less than a week.
Q:What is the shipping cost for sample and bulk order?
A: For sample, normally by DHL 20 usd is okay to most of the place all over the world except the place signed by DHL as "out of the way(Down town)" For bulk order, the cost is based on the size, weight , and quantity. 
Q: How can our saler be contacted?
A: Pls use the following information to contact us.
Email: doris_kdl@hotmail.com
Cell :  +86 13713108819





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