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biker skull patches

Product features:

8CM, With iron on glue as backing. full embroidery. with iron on cutting the boarder. Direct email contact: martin_kdl@hotmail.com

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Product Details

We are preparing to sending out free sample with free shipping cost. Pls send email to us with details receiver information then we can send the sample to you. 
You can also choose which kind of labels of sample you will receive.  We have a list for you to choose. Thanks

biker skull patches

Biker skull patches are widely used as a sign of a biker club. Can be custom designed and manufactured. MOQ is 20pcs 

but with a higher price which is also related to your design and size. 

We offer a few option for the backing, iron on blue, verlcro(both hook and loop will be supplied),or normal backing 

with non-woven fabric. Different option will be with different price. 

We can also supply you with printed patches with merrowed boarder and woven badges with high density. 

Instructions for How to iron on 

1, Set dry iron on 280℉(140℃)
2,Place your patch(iron on pocket) on the fabric*
3,Cover patch(iron on pocket) with lightweight cloth
4, With firm pressure, iron the patch(iron on pocket) for 30 seconds
5, Turn fabric over and iron on the back for another 20 seconds
6 Enjoy your very own creation
*works on cotton blended fabric


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